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Victoria Tenenbaum, B.A., BCaBA
Pediatric Behavior Specialist

Victoria Tenenbaum is a board-certified assistant behavior analyst at the Center for Developing Minds who specializes in training parents and teaching staff to prevent and address children's problem behaviors. Victoria provides services both in homes and in educational settings, develops individual behavior intervention plans and guides the caregiver through the process.

Since 2013, Victoria has successfully helped families who struggled with navigating difficult conduct from their children and creating workable household routines. Victoria shows parents how to handle the next tantrum, gives advice for teaching children new skills and demonstrates techniques to help children listen and be cooperative. In addition to her formal training, as a mother of two little boys, Victoria has 24/7 behavior management experience and believes that behaviorally educated parents can take back control over challenging parenting situations.

Prior to working as a behavior analyst, Victoria spent five years as an educational project coordinator for the Israeli Department of Education. Victoria holds a B.A. in Education and a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis from Tel Aviv University, Israel. She is fluent in Hebrew and Russian.