Job Opportunities

Center for Developing Minds is currently looking to add professionals to our staff. 

The CDM provides a comfortable and flexible work environment in an interdisciplinary clinical setting, which offers a unique opportunity for collaboration regarding patient care. More information about all of the services and programs available at the CDM can be found by navigating to those pages on this website.

The Center for Developing Minds is seeking a part-time therapist to provide evaluative and therapeutic services for children and families affected by a range of developmental variations including: behavioral, mental health, executive dysfunctions and social cognitive variations.


A qualified therapist can be a licensed clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, or marriage and family therapist.

Position Details

The CDM has an immediate need for a therapist that specializes in teenage boys with executive dysfunctions
and or higher functioning children and teens on the autism spectrum. Thus, there will be opportunity for
individual counselling as well as parent coaching. The therapist can carve out their own niche focusing
on personal areas of counselling expertise. There will also be opportunities to run existing groups or
develop new programs.

This position is part-time, but has the potential to develop into a full-time practice.

To Apply:

All interested candidates must call (408) 412-1007 and leave a one-minute message to explain your interest and qualifications for this position.

The Center for Developing Minds is seeking a licensed educational psychologist or neuropsychologist to perform expert psychoeducational and neuropsychological testing.

Qualifications & Position Details

The best candidate would have experience working with children age 2-21, but we understand that some excellent applicants may have a narrower focus. The psychologist should have expertise in testing children with many of the conditions frequently identified at the CDM: learning disabilities, oppositional behavior, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, executive dysfunctions, ADHD, and depression. Although many of
the CDM clients have high prevalence, low severity conditions, the clinician should be able to identify and refer or treat more significant mental health pathology. It is expected that the psychologist will be experienced with a range of gold-standard psychological instruments. Most importantly the psychologist must understand typical child and adolescent development, know how to play and work with children, and communicate with them on their level. The clinician must also have the capacity to deliver thorough independent written assessments and treatment plans and to be able to explain their findings to children and their families.

This position is available as either a flexible full or part-time position. The psychologist should be available for
testing during typical school hours, but weekend testing is also an option.

To Apply:

All interested candidates should email with a resume and cover letter to explain your interest and qualifications for this position.

The Center for Developing Minds is seeking a full-time office manager to lead our friendly and busy clinic through a period of growth. The primary responsibilities include hiring and supervision, contract management, project management, oversight of billing and collections, purchasing, marketing support, team building, relationship building, and ensuring that the office is clean and safe for families and staff.

Qualifications & Position Details

The most appropriate candidate for the office manager position will be organized, work at a fast pace, have excellent communication, reasoning and problem-solving skills, be uber-organized, pay attention to detail, and be hard-working, resourceful, personable, and willing to learn. This person must be enthusiastic about working in an environment that assists children and families.

The office manager must be proficient with Word, QuickBooks and Excel. Experience with an electronic medical record, especially our system CHARM Healthcare is preferred. Proficient typing and legible printing are mandatory.

Candidates should have at least an Associate’s degree, but a Bachelor’s degree is preferred.  Must have 2 years of medical/dental office managing experience.

The preferred hours are Monday through Friday.

To Apply:

Please call (408) 412-1007 and leave a one-minute-long message to explain your interest and qualifications for this position.