Reading, Speech & Language

Reading Clinic

We have a specialist at the CDM who can properly assess your child’s reading abilities and create an individualized instruction plan designed to provide results. The overall goal for reading clinic is to develop independent readers who can use a variety of strategies to read grade-level text. The specialist reviews the child’s knowledge of sound/symbol relationships, determines their knowledge of the regular rules and patterns in the English language, and analyzes the current techniques that the child is currently using when reading. Once this appraisal is complete, the specialist utilizes multisensory strategies to develop your child’s personalized action plan

Speech & Language Services

The Center for Developing Minds offers an array of services to address speech and language delays in children — from toddlers to teenagers. By working one-on-one with our speech and language specialist, children improve their language skills, helping to increase their self-esteem and boost their performance in the classroom with schoolwork and with peers. Specific treatment areas include:

  • Articulation difficulties,
  • Early-intervention language delays in toddlers and pre-school age children (e.g., children who are not talking as much as their peers, or who don’t seem to understand what people are saying),
  • Dyslexia,
  • Students with language delays, such as difficulty with forming sentences, following directions, interpreting non-literal language, using correct grammar or understanding story sequencing),
  • Auditory processing problems, including students who have issues with following verbal instructions or directions,
  • Oral motor difficulties (i.e., oral muscle weakness, drooling).